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Hadi Abdulkader

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Many people often say that they don’t like their current job but they stay there only because they have no other choice.

When somebody asks them what is their plan after leaving the current job, I hear most of them saying,

“I don’t like the current job, I am looking for something better!.

When we dig more they open their heart saying that I love to do something that makes me happy and I want a life that doesn’t give me a feeling that I am going to work, I want to be excited in such a way that I jump off the bed to go for work every morning.

How many of us always wanted to take a break from our current job and go for what our heart says risking everything to start from scratches?


How many of you prefer loving your current job more & stay there itself to play safe especially when we have a lot of commitments & responsibilities?

Even though your dreams & ambitions haunt you every day pulling you towards a wonderful world which your heart would like to stay, you are still confused about staying or going away! 

 Let me tell you…

The beautiful version of you is out there…

The opportunities come with a price…


Listen what your heart whispers to you…

Follow your passion…

Find Yourself!

All the best Champions…

With Love,


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