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Hadi Abdulkader

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Your Reflection Is Your Perception About You…!

What do you feel when you look at a mirror?

You see a version of what you think about yourself!

Good news is that It’s merely a thought which is changeable.

I saw myself as an unlucky and incapable person during my hard times and always when I look into myself someone whispered in my ears “Loser…Loser…”

Nowadays even in darkest situations, I am able to hold my belief about me high and see a ray of hope in any dilemma.The way I see myself is not changed miraculously in a moment but as a  result of deliberate daily actions, I took to shift my attitude about myself to be optimistic.

There a lot of people who influenced my thoughts, but Nick Vujicic is the best among them who inspired me to look for possibilities even if there are a lot of reasons exist there to remind us why we can’t do something.

He states the significance of finding your own way to accomplish something and it’s not mandatory to do things conventionally as everybody does.He plays golf, swim, do most his basic daily tasks without an aid and also travels around the world to share his message of love, hope, and faith in God.

  • Nick Vujicic (A man with a heavenly capability to inspire people to believe in themselves in spite of having disabilities that could hold him back)



Nick Asks Us ” If I Can Do It, Why Can’t You?

It’s your choice to be positive no matter whatever happens…

Your life may be hard now, your relationships may be hurting, your work life may not be as you want or maybe you are going through the most difficult phase in your life.

Life will be amazing if you choose to be optimistic.Believe in yourself and a power mightier than you who can turn things around and always hope things will change for the better and search for opportunities.

It’s up to you to choose what you see…

You can either see a glass half full or empty at the same time !


Now, walk to the nearest mirror (or your selfie cam or webcam) and say gifting your reflection your most beautiful smile (at least 3 times)

“You Are Amazing

Everything Happens For The Best”

Then come back here to my comment box and share your wonderful experience.

Do this often every day and see the amazing difference in the way you think about yourself

.It worked for me and I believe It will work for you as well.

Wish You a Beautiful Journey Ahead,

With Lots of Love,


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