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Hadi Abdulkader

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Confidence is like a virus..!
It spreads like a wildfire from one person to the other.
Confidence can be seen, heard & felt…
People love to be with confident people.

Imagine someone is walking towards you,
Slowly with shaky knees, looking down & with a nervous smile, mumbles to you… “Hi”

Will you be interested in going ahead with a conversation with him?

Will you do a business with him?

Hire him for a job? 

Be in a relationship with him?


Most of us will be less interested in being with an insecure & unconfident person like him.

That’s the importance of confidence.

If people can feel confidence in you, your success rate will be high in each & every area you step in.

Real confidence building takes a little bit of time & consistent efforts…

But once you are done, you will be an unstoppable champion.
But If you are expecting a big day soon & your lack of confidence is haunting you…

Don’t worry, let’s see how you can boost your confidence instantly in no time
Through 2 Easy practical Steps!


Next time when you are out for that gathering, or a presentation or an interview and
you feel nervous.let’s clear our mind & set our mind to be confident.

It’s very easy if you follow this simple trick…

Take a deep breath, relax, be calm & visualize your success & a confident you!
with a positive frame of mind – Give yourself a pat on the back & say holding a power pose.

” Everything is going to be great – I am the champion “
I use to say this success mantra to me at least 3 times before a performance.

“Hadi – you are going to do well…
You will be rocking today…
You can Hadi. You Can…Let’s go, man…

Calling your name & having a positive self-talk will help you to connect with yourself &
will filter all those negative thoughts & distractions bothering you.

Power poses are wonderful – Holding a power pose for 2 minutes can increase the
positive hormones in your body & lift your mood.

You can also listen to motivational speeches or watch motivational videos when you
are traveling or in your free time to charge yourself & raise your energy levels.
Set up your mind & hope for the best even if the situation is going worse.

There is nothing called failures in our life but only experiences to make us better &
better – Remember confidence is built here…In your mind..!


Let me ask you…
“How you feel when you are sad or stressed –You look weaker & tired, right?”
“How you feel when you are happy & excited-You appear so energetic, right?”
An interesting fact is that you could reverse this process!

When you sit, stand, walk & talk like a confident person, you feel a lot of confidence.
Yes, fake your confidence to instantly boost your confidence…
Fake it outside even if you don’t feel it inside…
‘Simple Trick-But Huge Benefits…’

  • When you enter the hall full of people or that one person you have that meeting, walk in as if you have a purpose keeping your heads high, chin up & with a beautiful smile…
  • Introduce yourself to other people be the first one to gift your beautiful smile to someone.

Smile costs nothing but it creates much

  • People feel so special & connect easily with you when you give that confident welcoming smile.Give a strong handshake, don’t ever do a mistake of giving a weak dead fish handshake.

Don’t crush their hands but a gentle firm handshake.

When you stand & have a conversation with someone, don’t slouch or bend, stand straight and have an eye contact with the person you are talking to…

Be a good listener, Ask them relevant questions – questions will let them know you are interested in what they are saying.

When you speak – use gestures to express your idea.Don’t mumble but speak clearly & slowly with pauses.

  • Always remember you have a purpose

Focusing on your purpose will make you more confident.Stop worrying

Stop worrying about people & over conscious.

Pay your attention to what you have to do.More you concentrate the more you are free from all distractions leaking out your confidence.

Fake your confidence outside even if you are not feeling inside…

Believe me, eventually, you will start feeling confidence…
I have a warning for you, don’t confuse confidence with arrogance and don’t overdo anything but keep everything simple & natural…

Remember confidence is in your mindset…

Wishing you all the best & See You Soon Champions…

Believe in yourself before others believe in you…

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