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In your lifes journey, everything was perfectly fine and you were cruising smooth & clean, suddenly out of now where you got stuck & blind!

This a one liner description about the stage of life I just came out, I was doing great by starting an amazing blog, inviting excellent followers & planning my journey to success.

Sometimes in spite of having a supporting family, great friends & a lot of possibilities, we feel stuck in your life and we cant even track how this is happening to us.

Searching the way out of my own dilemma I realized that real culprit behind all these chaos is myself & my thoughts.

In your case, it’s you who is stopping you from becoming better.

When ever you do something there is always a resistance especailly when you try to move forward.

Whatever is the situation, for the steady progress we have to exert a force stronger than the resistances holding us back to break the barriers and move on…

I would like to suggest three easy strategies to keep going no matter how badly you are stuck in you life now.


If you are in a situation feeling everything is boring around you and having no fire in the belly to leverage yourself, do an investigation on why this happened to you?

When I started digging the real cause that’s stopping me it was that I was sticking to too many things at a time and the area for improvement is my focus.


It’s always better to write down what hinders your journey and make a checkout plan from your resistances.

  • If you are still in a hangover of a ‘bad conversation’ you had with your spouse, immediately get in touch with them & resolve your issues.
  • If your focus is not getting right, try re-writing your goals to get aligned in the right direction.
  • If you are unsure about the outcome of your efforts, don’t worry keep doing what is necessary & possible things.

Live in the present moment, take charge of your destiny & success will follow you.

Maybe you can seek help from a close friend, family member or a mentor to help you out.You should be honest while describing your situation so that the person who is ready to help will have more clarity & can come up with better guidance.

Even watching a motivational video, reading an inspiring article or listening to a podcast can also clear your thoughts as I did today to come back to my track.


Once you have made your action plan, it’s time to execute.

Free yourself from the vicious pull of distractions like excessive use of social media, watching television or time with toxic people and focus on your life priorities that set your soul on fire.

The action took by me is to write a blog on what I am going through right now followed by a research on the web.

I applied the principle of doing what’s right rather than what’s easy & it worked perfectly…I believe it will work for everyone, I t will work for you as well…


If you feeling stuck and feeling really bad about it, don’t worry it’s normal for everyone.But what makes the real difference is how you tackle it & bring yourself back on track to unleash your destiny…

Looking forward to hear your experience of tackling a difficult phase in your life.Scribble it down on comments section.

Wishing you a wonderful day,


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