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Hadi Abdulkader

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When I feel down, still a sunny day come ticking in my memories, the sports day which taught me a big mantra of success.

A few days ago, I recollected it from my memories when I heard Les Brown (youtube video) said


receiving a big round of applause…

“On your marks ” echoed in my ears, I began my race trying to keep up with my fellow mates with a palpitated heart only to see rest of all except me crossing the finish line when I am just half way down the track.

Being a bulky boy, I already had roots of inferiority complex deepened in me and one more failure was pretty enough to get humiliated by my mates day in & out.

All these thoughts flashed through my mind in a fraction of a second. Running away and hiding somewhere forever seemed the only way out.I quit my race and ran to the nearest washroom to seek solitude for a temporary relief.

Can you relate any of your life incidents to my story?

  • We quit easier than we start a venture…
  • Big plans get dumped when things don’t work out as we planned…
  • We forget our ambitions when it seemed that monetary benefits are too less compared to ‘a job offer’ we grabbed soon after your college…
  • Life goals are set only to stay as unfilled checklists on your table and then to be dropped in a dust bin…
  • You had Gym workout plans or diet plans recommended by the physician to keep you healthy, but now you prefer to stay in bed since it’s not easy as you imagined.

Your plans may be awesome but it’s only a theory until you work it out.A lot of effort is crucial to living your dream.

The hardest part of a dream fulfillment is to keep going even when the whole world say it’s better to go back.

I started a blog to keep my passion alive and discover myself.To turn this endeavor successful, I should be adamant and cement my integrity to keep this beautiful dream alive.

The life you want is right there in front of you, only you have to do is to walk towards it despite all chaos that may hinder your journey.

It’s time to ‘WOW THE WORLD’…

Protect Your Dream & Keep Going…

Always Remember the Success Mantra…….It’s Not Over Until I Win!!

With Lots of Love,




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    1. Thank you K&L & Millionaire’s digest team.
      I am excited to hear from you accepting my application.


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