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Hadi Abdulkader

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 (The fear of failure is haunting me nowadays.

We invest a lot of time in building our dreams. I read a lot, listen to podcasts, watch videos to pace my journey to self-development literally every day.

Even though I am happy with a fruitful career with a wonderful organization enough to feed my family, still I feel extremely dissatisfied and I always wanted to explore my potential & help the people around me.

If I talk about the wisdom of success without reaching the pinnacle of success, the people who hear me may doubt my credibility. It’s not mandatory for me to be certified by the people but sincerely I want to set an example for a successful life driven by sheer determination & a burning desire to work hard to fulfill any dream.

Each and everyone has a big dream that pops up in our mind every day. But we fear failure and are reluctant to break the trend (Study-Work for Someone-Retire-Die Routine) & as a result we are trapped at the current level.

If you won’t regret laying on your deathbed with a sigh thinking about the dream you want to live, it’s ok…CARRY ON!

But for me, while looking forward I don’t want to be here….

I know for many of us, we never want to hang on where we are now…!

But the greatest tragedy that could happen in our lives is that we may live with hesitations fearing the risks to be encountered. As I wrote earlier, the path with least resistance is the most dangerous!

Looking back I regret about the years I spent chasing someone who is deliberately not me…

I don’t want to repeat it & also don’t want my fellow mates to do the same…!

Follow your heart…

Hone & nourish your skills to climb the ladder of success…

If you feel you are stuck in your life’s journey, steer off that road & take a different route…

Don’t Ever Run Away From Your Fears….Run Towards Your Nightmares…

Wish You All The Best!


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