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Hadi Abdulkader

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Yesterday evening when I was together with my family in a crowded shopping mall & I observed something special that is gradually fading away from our hearts & paving it’s way to prejudices packed with ego & self-fulfilling prophecies about others.

Through a 7 seconds window, we judge a person and we choose to wear a smiley or sullen face.Do we like to be judged? I believe most of our answers will be a ‘big no’.

There were a time when we judged little, smiled often, dreamed wildly, loved without any expectations, pleaded with no hesitation, tried & cried until we possess something we wanted.That time is called CHILDHOOD & badly most of us want to go back there & live our life once again from start.

I saw a lot of kids in the mall, they stare each other & exchange a smile without a second thought like us.Especially in a country like UAE, a second home for a lot of nationalities we could see a lot of kids from diverse ethnic groups and they all share a lot of heavenly qualities in common.

  • Kids wear a pleasant smile always and it even lifts our mood, no matter to what extent your day was hectic.They are always happy and makes others happy.
  • They find happiness in small things & will never live with a philosophy of “I WILL BE HAPPY IF I OWN?GET IT ……..”
  • Kids express their happiness or sorrow the moment they feel it & never live wearing a mask in their lives.
  • They are curious always and learn everything with a lot of enthusiasm.
  • Kids are the most persistent when it comes to trying something again after failures.People may argue that when you make a mistake as an adult it will bring a lot of shame and humiliation but as a kid, it won’t.But why we are neglecting the truth that failures/mistakes are the must have steps in our journey to success.
  • The quality I love the most is that they live in the present moment and live life to the fullest.It’s a great thought to most of us who ruins today’s life digging the past and overlooking a future of uncertainties.

We can describe a ton of qualities when it comes to kids, but here I honestly want us to learn from the kids around us to rekindle our life with joy and happiness.

Let’s live a beautiful life through embracing each and every moment of our life.

Roadblocks may happen, plans can go wrong, heartbreaks may happen or life may show it’s cruel face to us but it’s our decision to make or break our life.

Let’s Be a Kid Once Again…& Find Our Best Version!

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All the best,


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