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Hadi Abdulkader

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At a beautiful seashore, Imagine you are standing there for a long time feeling the sea breeze on your cheeks.The waves touching your feet is playing a tricky game which is thought provoking, it’s sharing you a terrifying fact that could reignite your journey.

The longer you stand, You are unaware that the sand beneath your feet is being swept way.Wave after wave it sweeps away all the sand where your feets are grounded.Eventually, you lose your stability completely.

The above thought came to mind today when I desperately checked my blog to realize that the blog post which was committed (to myself) to be posted has not appeared still there only because I procrastinated a little bit.I am perfectly aware of the true significance of daily consistent actions to build a big dream & I learned it at the cost of a lot of failures.

I am murdering my vision and through being a well-reputed procrastinator I am also committing a suicide of my real potential.

It is very easy to stand still without any action & watch your dreams collapsing around you.

I don’t want to lose our vision while chasing our dreams.We may encounter many threats along our journey but no enemy can captivate us like procrastination does.It will vanish away everything and we may have to sabotage ourself and become nothing but mediocre in your life.

You can decide what you want to become… A MURDERER or A SUICIDER?

If you want to live a life of big dreams and a lot of fulfillment, don’t settle for anything average.

Raise your bars and work hard.

Even In the darkest situations in your life, You will ‘wow the world’ if you keep your eyes on the goal and shield yourself from all distractions that could lead your journey to a fast road to failure..!
Stay Focussed & Navigate To Success…
With Lots of Love,

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