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Hadi Abdulkader

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Can you describe your surroundings & your usual responses in a sentence, I may tell your most probable outcome of your life.

We are in a world of opportunities, fortunes & possibilities, it all depends on what you see and pursue and no matter what external factors that deeply influence you.

That’s why you see a beautiful smile on a face of a homeless kid lost in the streets wearing torn clothes and a desperate face on a well-dressed guy driving a luxurious BMW to his mansion.

I work in the construction field and I could credibly relate this to the life what I see…! I could see laborers humming their favorite ‘Bollywood song’ & boarding buses with a beautiful contented face even after a hectic work day directly under the sun.The unpleasant reality is that they live in multi-tiered bed spaces clogged by the smell of pan masala & cigarette and have nothing left after their daily mess expenses & few pennies sent to their home country.

The happiness is a choice and interestingly not a fate!

I used to worry about my background and the lack of opportunities I had.I always looked up to the people who are at the top in my craft and wondered why they have everything and I am still nowhere even though I cultivate my dream for the past 10 years..!

Recently I recognized that I grow my dreams on an infertile soil of self-doubts, prejudices & acute pessimism.I was always focussed on what I don’t have rather than the opportunities in abundance around me.

I was not considering the underlying efforts & pain of the masters of my craft in their journey to become legendary. 

When I talked to many people, I observed that most of us are focussing on reasons why we can’t pursue or accomplish something even if that is a dream career, nurturing relationships or even a peaceful world.

The hard truth is that until we change our thoughts,hardly any changes occur outside.It all depends on what ground you interpret the signals come across your journey.You could rather assume a pot is half full or half empty.

I want you and me to plant our dreams on a fertile soil of optimism and hope.Water your dreams with a lot of hard work & daily actions.Sooner or later you will experience the wonderful spring of your life with its enduring fragrance.


With lots of love,



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