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Many people proudly say that rules are meant to be broken. Even though I am a big fan of thinking outside the box, I personally disagree it.

Here we talk about success in our life & the journey we are on. If you want to be really successful you have to be disciplined first to follow the rules of success. If you think success will come through shortcuts most probably you will never experience real success.

Yesterday I crossed a road but sadly by not using a pedestrian cross. The other side of the road I noticed a crowd with policeman talking to them holding ID cards. Being eager to know what happened there I asked someone “WHY THERE IS A CROWD THERE ? ANY ACCIDENTS? ” Seeing my curiosity and tensed face, he said  “POLICEMEN CAUGHT PEOPLE WHO CROSSED ROAD WITHOUT USING A PEDESTRIAN CROSS”

Few meters away I could see a pedestrian cross and the tendency to find a shortcut ended up me crossing the road and fortunately I was not one of them who is caught and may be also fined. I can relate this story to our life. We look for shortcuts and end up reaching nowhere and frustrated.

What I feel is the pain of obeying rules is always less than being caught red-handed and paying the penalty for it. According to me, rules of life’s success is as below.

  • Define your success (What you want to accomplish? )
  • Plan your journey ( Have a mind map to your goal)
  • Work towards it with a purpose & direction (No matter how slow or fast you walk, you will reach your target if you follow the right direction )

The obstacles may come along your way and you may feel to quit. Remember ‘a quitter never wins and a winner never quits’.

Follow your rules for success…

Sooner or later,  Success will be yours!Enjoy The Journey…

All the best

With Love, 


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