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Hadi Abdulkader

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I am here to talk about my journey and I want the world to know about it because they can inspire from it.It is a very well-known fact that success leaves clues and interesting fact is that failures leave more clues than a success – (basically the end product of your journey).

The real winners love the journey more than an achievement.The journey made them stronger & wiser than the rest of the people who spent their time talking while they hustle.

Each and every one has a story to be shared, a series of stories that shaped our lives.We know that our past decisions and actions brought us here today.We always wanted someone to guide us on our journey to lead us to our desired path.That’s the importance of sharing stories because your stories can leave clues to the people who strives likes you.Let’s share our stories here.

I am here to share my story with you.I am on a path to self-realization with a thirst to know for what I am here in this world & what is my purpose?

Share your thoughts with me…May Be You Can Leave Clues …

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